It's always difficult to know what equipment you need when starting out and getting to know your 4WD vehicle.  There is some basic recovery gear that will help you get out of some sticky situations, if you happen to find yourself in one!  

No matter what type of 4WD vehicle you have, there are a few things you will need to get you going on your first trip with the club:  

  • Your vehicle is mechanically sound
  • It has front and rear recovery points rated to 4,000kg
  • Your own snatch strap
  • 2 x bow shackles rated to 3.25 tonne
  • UHF radio (hand held or fixed)

Once you've been 4WDriving for a while, some members then start to add to their equipment with winches, suspension upgrades, suitable all terrain tyres, compressors, etc.

Your list of gear often grows once you get the 4WD bug!

The club also runs Driver Awareness events where you can get to know your recovery gear and vehicle.

Check out the "Club Events" page or visit our Facebook page for more trips and events.  

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