Date: 23 - 26 January 2016; 

Trip Leader: Brad Jones; 

Attendees: 4 Families (members); 

Trip Overview:

Day 1: Townsville to Engella via Collinsville + camp setup; 

Day 2: R&R, fishing, canoeing, reading, swimming, exploring; 

Day 3: Tour/4WDg – Eungella, Mount Britton, Moonlight Dam Homevale, Diggers Road & Diggers Road Campground, Swimming; 

Day4: Pack up and return to Townsville via, Eungella/Proserpine


Three families (Lindsay & Heather, Brad & Fiona, Ray & Colleen) left BP Cluden early and headed south to east of Merinda, turning onto the Bowen Development Road, towards Collinsville. We continued through Collinsville, crossing the Bowen River before heading onto the dirt at Turrawulla Road (south of Collinsville), collected firewood and followed the Pipeline Road (via Lizzy Creek Road) into Eungella Dam.

Car temperature readings were between a cool 37- 42° on the way into the dam.

Thankfully Shaun & Felecia (arrived on Friday) and had found an ideal shady location, nice and private where we all setup camp.

The dam campgrounds were very open with minimal campers compared to last Easter.

In the shallows of the dam the water was warmer than ‘bath water’, however take a dip out past the reeds and the water was cool and refreshing!

First night saw a haze of smoke drift over during the night with limited visibility.



Rest Day! Everyone deserved a rest after our 6hr travel yesterday.

We all spent the day, enjoying the great outdoors, fishing (unsuccessfully!), canoeing, reading, sleeping and generally lazing about!

Awesome ‘happy hour’ with our Australia Day Quiz – won by Colleen.

First attempt damper by Fiona – with Golden Syrup was somewhat successful. Taste was great, but both Fiona and Felecia have invented a new version of ‘pancake damper’. Bet you can’t make that if you tried!

Best dressed campsite was Ray & Colleen with the green and gold wig and the largest Aussie flag.

A little excitement in the later parts of the evening with Heather spotting a newly hatched baby turtle, just about to enjoy the campfire. Lindsay saved the little one and Brad introduced it back into the dam. Another 3 were found over the next 30 min with Brad walking several times back to the dam to release another 3.




Travel day, started out with lead by Shaun, heading towards Mount Britton (a great surprise of a Historic Mining Town).

A little further exploring up a hill and we came across a local miner whose dad owns a few mine leases around the area. He gave us a great overview of Mount Britton, it’s history and current mining leases. A beautiful, historic place and worth a camp if you get a chance. (Very popular place in winter!)

We then travelled over to Moonlight Dam (no water currently), but would be a great spot after a good wet season. Discovered a GPS map route that headed back to Turrawulla Road and enjoyed some 4WD’g on a road/paddock/scrub rarely used.

Brad took over as lead and we headed towards the Digging Camp Ground via Digging Road. Approached from the western side (ignore the ‘no through road’ sign) as the road is available for 4WD and motorbikes and has some rough sections. Hitting Digging Campground on the Broken River, we all enjoyed a well deserved cold dip to freshen up, before heading back to camp after a long day on the road exploring.

Heather won the best Aussie food creation with ‘Salada biscuits with Vegemite and cheese’ and Felecia made an awesome sweet Apricot damper which we all enjoyed both treats during happy hour.

Ray won the ‘guess how many smarties are in the container’ – thanks to Heather for the added comp!




Pack up day, headed off by 9.30am on the blacktop through Eungella onto the Bruce Highway, south of Proserpine.

Used the opportunity to pickup cheap fuel in Ayr! 97c a litre for diesel and $1.19 for premium unleaded!

Arriving back to Townsville about 3.30pm.

A great trip was had by all, with some very interesting touring and visits to Historical sites. Weather was very warm with a quick storm on night two.


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