The clubs second trip over the Easter Long Weekend, March 2016 was led by Nic to  Koombooloomba Dam to Blencoe Falls.  Three (3) vehicles left just before 8am Easter Friday and drove up to Ravenshoe with a pit stop at Cardwell.

With a top up of fuel at Ravenshoe, only one fuel station open, we continued to Tully Falls for lunch.

After lunch we carried on to the turn-off near Koombooloomba Dam.  At the first junction we took one of the turns to come to a borrow pit – so a quick turnaround and we took the other branch.  This track continued on in reasonable condition with a few interesting creek crossings.  We came to the creek that had been identified as our overnight stop at about 4pm and set up camp. Great little creek, however camping spots very limited but with only three vehicles we managed to squeeze in.

With a leisurely start Saturday morning, we once again carried on along the track with again a variety of track conditions, a couple of small creek crossings, a bit of clearing of trees off the track – nothing too serious we carried on for a further 15km where we came across a great spot at the junction of two creeks and a nice swimming hole!  After having a swim we carried on along the track, with the track becoming less distinct in places and a couple of rough spots. We got to the section where looking at maps it appeared there was no track linking the two sides together. There was fairly long grass and in places it was not very clear where the track was going but followed along anyway, eventually getting back on to a more distinct track.

A stop along the way for lunch and then on the move again to look for a suitable overnight camping spot. Along the way one or two tricky little sections with a bit of a drop off into a small creek.  We then came across another creek that had an area for all of us to camp after a bit of clearing up of fallen trees. Set up camp and with a bit of exploring found a swimming hole 30m up stream.

A Sunday morning early wake up for some looking for Easter eggs.  A couple of lucky kids found Easter eggs keeping them happy!  Then thanks to Jim chocolate pancakes to go with breakfast for everyone.

We moved on and followed the track again with a couple of sections where the track was not very clear or potential turnoffs.  After about an hour we got to a substantial log bridge of a creek, unfortunately no easy path down to the water. After a short distance along we came out onto the Kirrama Range Road near Blencoe Falls.  Drove to the falls and looked at the masses of people camping and carried on past to find a spot for lunch. From there we went to Cashmere where we camped for the night with a fair number of others also camping there.  Plenty of water in the river for swimming. With a rain storm it was a case of getting tarps up for those sleeping in swags. Once the tarps were all set up the rain moved on.

Monday morning was a very relaxed start with a drive towards Kennedy via Blenco Falls and a stop along the way for lunch.

A great weekend and a sense of achievement for all for managing to get all the way through from Koombooloomba to Blencoe Falls when it was not known if there was a way through.

Koombaloomba Pics

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