Two long weekend trips were organised by the club for the Easter Long Weekend.  One trip head off to the Koombooloomba Dam to Herbert River (via the Lost Track) and the second a good, old favourite was Reedy Brook Station.

Thanks to Nigel who lead the trip with fellow visitors John & Marianne.  John & Marianna have now completed their two visitor trips and have decided to join the club.

Leaving Yabulu service station about 8.30 Friday morning, we had a pleasant and uneventful trip to Reedy Brook Station via Mt Fox.  The station looked magnificent since the rain with plenty of hip high grass for the cattle.

The Burdekin River was still quite high and we were unable to access the island via the ana branch where we camped last time. We finally found a nice camp spot just short of the cricket ground on the station side. Camp was established and we had the first cold one by 4pm!


Saturday morning saw the three of us off to explore.  Up and around and back again to check river heights and camp sites. Being Easter it was of course quite busy.  Saturday afternoon we lounged and John threw some fish lures away in attempt to catch a fish. He did manage to find a small fire wood collection and had a small camp fire both Sat and Sun nights.

Sunday saw John and myself checking out some large billabongs left by the falling flood waters followed later by John and Marianne again chasing fish in these to no avail.


Monday morning we had a leisurely pack up and headed towards home about 9.30am.  John must have strangled a black cat whilst packing up, as an hour down the road saw him with a flat tyre.  As he was changing the tyre, I happen to point out a broken tail light lens cover. Not a happy John!

We drove home via Clark River on the Lynd and this is where we stopped for lunch.

The weather was perfect all weekend and except for the last days events all went well.

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