Dalrymple National Park, 9-10 April 2016.

Eleven cars met up at the Rupertswood store with one to join us along the way.

We stopped for smoko and a look at a historical site on Hervey Range Road which detailed the history of the local area and construction of the road.

Onwards to Fletcher Creek where it crosses the main road, then through the national park to the Burdekin River.  Most aired down before dropping down onto the sandy river bed.  Some didn’t and wanted to see ‘how they would go’!   The result was – air down your tyres!!!  That was ok, because that’s what we can do when with the club – try things out, and there’s others around to help out if need be.

During the afternoon some went swimming. The water wasn’t deep, but fast flowing and quite refreshing. Nic decided to ‘shoot the rapids’ on his kayak. To do this he had to drive on the sand up river to start his ‘Deliverance’ journey, leaving Bev to drive back by herself – well done Bev!  Yeah, well done Nic.

Errol and Dani caught the most fish on the trip. Only a couple were keepers, but it showed that fish were around.

An afternoon activity of sand recovery was cancelled, as some got plenty of practice getting to their camp site eh Nic (Nic & Val).  Not to be confused with the Nic mentioned above. Please note – Val had no control over her drivers actions.

A few vehicles went for a drive up river to check it out and collect firewood for the night. No vehicles/ drivers got bogged during this adventure.

During happy hour Nic surprised himself (and everybody else) with his roast sticking to the lid of the camp oven. When he lifted the lid to check it, it appeared to have disappeared. He was heard to say “If I hadn’t been sitting around the fire the whole time I would have thought someone had stolen it” Trust us Nic, trust us. (I like your thinking though).

Later, a short drop of rain cleared people from the campfire. After people rainproofed their camp it stopped, and the diehards returned to the campfire for the session.

Just above camp was the grave site / headstone of the early settlers. Next morning on the way out we stopped and had a look. Can hardly imagine how difficult life would have been out there in the late 1800’s.

The drive back was uneventful and we returned early Sunday afternoon.

Check out more photo’s on this fabulous trip on the clubs FB page.

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