Was it Rupertswood or Ravenswood?  Or maybe the Toyota 4WD Club?  One shinny new ‘Queensland’ ute and a Keg of Beer – what more would you want on a weekend away to Princess Hills!  

Date 23rd – 25th April 2015
Trip Leader Nick and Val Gonano
Attendees Ray and Colleen, Nick and Val, Errol and Dani, Lindsay and Heather, Howard, Steven and Vikki
Trip Overview Day 1

Rupertswood – Princess Hill

Day 2

Princess Hills

Day 3

Princess Hill – Townsville via Kennedy

 Princess Hills Apr 16 3 copy


  • 6 vehicles (all Toyotas) met at the Rupertswood General Store (ignoring the Trip Sheet which had stated “Ravenswood Store”)
  • Ray and Colleen arrived in their new bright shinny “Queensland” maroon ute
  • Everyone was on time for the briefing so we actually left early with Nick and Val showing us the way and Lindsay and Heather making sure we stayed on track.
  • We now know that as a team we can count successfully to at least six.
  • Howard had a keg of beer which created plenty of conversation.
  • Up Harvey’s Range into the mist and the pushbikes hiding within it.
  • Stopped at Greenvale to fill fuel tanks and tummies. Tyres deflated. Nick handed out a brain teaser to all vehicles.
  • Onto the dirt
  • Wet wheels in the Burdekin before another tyre adjustment. The opportunity was taken for Ray to show off his new toy but to some it just looked like a coffee truck.
  • Traversed Poison Lake Road, bounced through washed out dips, rattled across cattle grids, and stopped to overlook the Valley of Lagoons.
  • All very lush and green
  • The bush roared to life as three chainsaws ensured a plentiful supply of campfire wood. Hope Howard didn’t get too many bed bugs as we filled up the back of his ute.
  • Steven and Vikki failed to follow convoy procedure and didn’t’ wait at the Princess Hill gate for the Sweep. Errol and Danie did stop but had to ask the Sweep how to work the gate anyway. Steven has been subsequently fine for this misdemeanor
  • Arrived campsite for a late lunch. A large campsite easily large enough to comfortably cater for our six vehicles and trailers
  • Set up and own time.
  • At the campfire everyone provided their answers to Nick’s Quiz but none were even remotely close. I’ll let Nick keep this for another trip.



  • Everyone up to their own thing
  • The water was fresh and flowing
  • Walking, kayaking, yabbing, short drives, swimming, looking under hoods, reading and napping
  • Steven did have an unusual fishing technique in that – he got a fish on the line, put the fishing rod on the ground, ran back to the campsite, borrowed a kayak, paddled back to the fishing rod, and then reeled in the fish.
  • Lindsay, Steven and Nick all caught fish worth showing off. Errol caught heaps but nothing of note.
  • At the campfire Howard boldly proclaimed he didn’t need to pay fines as he had made a donation to the Treasurer not so long ago. It worked out to be at least eight to ten years ago.
  • To remember the ANZACs a memorial quiz tested everyone’s military knowledge.   Nick and Val were victorious and were awarded a “Gunfire Breakfast” for the following morning. Lest We Forget.



  • On the road again
  • Home via Yamanie Station, Cashmere Crossing, Blencoe Falls and back onto the black stuff at Kennedy.
  • While pumping up the tyres Lindsay noticed a split in one tyre and had to make a change.

From 0630 am Saturday until 0530 pm Monday.

All in all a very busy and enjoyable weekend. A round trip of over 700 kilometers but one well worth doing.

A big thanks to Nick and Val for leading the trip and ensuring everyone got home safety.

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