Terrible Creek – 14 vehicles, 9 camp ovens, 2 bogged cars, 1 box party and endless fun and laughter!


 Date: 2-4 June, 2016

Date: 2-4 June, 2016
Trip Leader: Brad Jones

Brad & Fiona
Ray & Colleen
Leon & Debbie
Wayne & Marie
Robert, Margaret, Alisha, Kevin
Rick & Renata
Nic & Bev
Dale & Leanne
Nick & Val
Steven & Vikki
Heather & Carmel (Visitors)
Ray, Belinda & Cody (Visitors)

Trip Overview: Townsville – Gumlu – Bowen River Hotel – Terrible Creek – Townsville 

Day One – Sat 2 June

  • Left Townsville on route to Terrible Creek
  • 13 vehicles in tow – everyone numbered for the convoy in order
  • Used the opportunity to take advantage of the cheap fuel in Ayr & Home Hill
  • Off the blacktop, with Trip Leader Brad, operating two radio channels to ensure no unfortunate mishaps with mine trucks!
  • Followed Lindsay & Heathers rule of ‘never pass firewood’ and all vehicles stocked up…..with enough firewood to power a small town!
  • After a traditional stop at the Bowen River Hotel (never pass a waterhole), we arrived at Terrible Creek
  • A big THANKS to Ray & Colleen for holding the fort, turning their hats sideways and turning up the music – so that we all had sufficient space to spread ourselves out with each campsite
  • Dale was the designated firebug for the weekend and took it upon himself to ensure we had no firewood left at the end of the trip
  • Great first night Happy Hour and get together, with a welcome to the visitors on the trip


Day Two – Sun 3 June

  • Leisurely start to the day we decided to follow the roads on Hemma maps and do some exploring. Unfortuantely this lead us to a padlocked gate – so we decided to do some 4WDg in the sand creek and test some skills!
  • 4 vehicles attempted this – 75% got through the mud and 75% made it over the sand. Fortunately it was 2 separate vehicles that needed winches !
  • Great can to use recovery gear and to test out winches!
  • Special mention to Steven and Brad – no explanation needed!!!
  • Returned with some muddy cars and a couple of winches used and some great laughs
  • Happy Hour started early at 4pm with the “Box Party”. Orange fluro beanies with lights, chocolates and a Darth Vader Mug where popular choices for swaps. Limited negotiations and swapping of precious and more desired gifts. Great imagination with gifts. Look out for Version 2 Box Party when Brad & Fi lead another trip!
  • Huge camp oven turnout with 9 on coals
  • Off to bed after many a drink and laughs


Day Three – Mon 4 June

  • A few left early with commitments back in Townsville
  • 11 vehicles headed off together for a steady drive home – each given a new number on the way home
  • Topped up with cheap fuel again
  • Drove into Townsville with a bit of rain to wash of those adventurous types that got into the mud!


Special Mentions & Thanks:

  • Ray & Colleen who held the fort at Terrible Creek
  • Chris M for being Middle Sweep and making comms so efficient
  • Nick & Val for chewing the dust at Tail End Charlie – making sure everyone arrived at each destination

Huge effort by all to keep the convoy in order and a great turnout by members and visitors.

Check out all the great photos from this trip on the Clubs Facebook page or visit the album.

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