Our International Dinner night on Saturday night and was another great success with 29 members attending.

We started with Happy Hour and a quiz about the countries that everyone was representing, gee did that bring out some debate amongst everyone! Melissa won the quiz with 10 out of 13, followed by Cole-Lee & Renata with 9 ½.

After that we had ‘Pass the Parcel Around the Campfire’ and with each opening of the parcel an interesting fact about each country was read out. Everyone got to have a turn, even though some failed to pass it on fast enough, eventually Wassa won.

As it was an international night and I suggested to come representing your country, the best dressed prize went to Heather & Carmel who came in Scottish fare and looked amazing, well done.

The main meals were delicious and ranged from Hot Dogs (USA), Curry & Rice (India), Shepherd’s Pie (England), to Ramen (Japan). The desserts were just as scrumptious with Nanaimo Bar (Canada), Brazilian Slice (Brazil), Chocolate Cake (Australia) and Cheesecake and Pavlova supplied by the club.

The rest of the evening was enjoyed socializing around the campfire with 5 members camping overnight. Thanks goes to Ally and Andrew for letting all of us use your property and being great hosts.

Check out our Facebook  page for photos of our members dressed up in their countries attire and to check out the scrumptious food we all consumed. Also for more photos of an awesome night had by all who attended.

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