Our annual AGM Dinner was held at The Centenary Hotel on 3rd Sept with an outstanding attendance from 36 members and 4 visitors.






As everyone arrived they received a ticket for the lucky door prize, a Cooler Bag kindly donated by our Supporter Ryland’s Barbeque Obsession, this was won by Catherine. Also all the members received $5 each from the club towards their meals, some of the members made the comment that they usually give the club money for raffles, but tonight it was the other way around.

Members ordered their meals and mingled together and also catching bits of the Cowboys game. When most of the meals had been eaten, there was time to have a Trivia Quiz about our club and general 4WDriving. This brought out some cheating with some of the tables using their phones to Google answers.

Then names of all the members who attended the Ravenswood Clean up were put in the bucket and Bob was drawn as the winner of the Rechargeable Work Light kindly donated by Battery World.

Next prizes to be given out were for the Trip Leaders who have lead trips throughout the year. Brad was the first to be drawn out and he received a Recovery Bag full of items kindly donated by TJM.

Second to be drawn was Jim who won an Esky kindly donated by ARB. Third was Nigel who got a $75 voucher kindly donated by 4WD Central and finally Howard received a $100 voucher kindly donated by M Group Tyre & Mechanical.

Then the fun started; everyone has to decide who gets what award!

So people were nominated for an award and then voted on and presented with each award, see photos on our Club’s Facebook page.

The awards were presented are as follows:

Camp oven Cook off                     Dale & Leanne                 Marinated Pork Ribs

Flat Tyre                                          Lindsay                              Princess Hills

Broken Conrod                              Howard                                           Blencoe Falls – drove into culvert

Shit Stirrer                                      Steven                               Terrible Creek – bogged

Bogged                                            Nick G                                Dalrymple National Park – 4 times

All Banged Up                                Catherine                         AGM Dinner 2015 – tripped over

Working Your Butt Off                 Vikki                                   Work on social committee

Dummy Spit                                   Cole-lee                            Ravenswood – forgot to pack tea/coffee

Dummy Spit                                   Ray                                     Ravenswood – frozen beer

President’s Award                        Nic M                                 Dedication to the club and always willing to help others.

The evening was a great success with excellent food and of course magnificent company as always.

The prizes were kindly donated by our Supporters, Battery World; TJM; ARB; 4WD Central; M Group Tyre & Mechanical  and Ryland’s Barbeque Obsession.

Fantastic photos of the night can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

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