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Trip Leader – Steven

With some members, Nick and Val, Errol and Danni, Heather and Carmel leaving on Friday afternoon that left Nigel, Nic and Bev, Vikki and myself to leave the B.P Cluden at 8am for a leisurely drive to meet up with them at Bivouac Junction on Saturday morning.

We arrived at 9.30 to set up camp, then decided to have a look at Charters Towers, Nick and Val had gone in for breakfast and Heather and Carmel had gone in for a look around too. After setting up Vikki, Bundy and I went in also and did a little bit of shopping, then found the Museum where we lost a few hours in, as it was very interesting. See Bundy’s photo’s on our Club’s Facebook page. Afterwards we returned back to Bivouac Junction for lunch.

It was a nice cool day with a few members fishing and swimming in the cool Burdekin River, Nick G caught a couple of fish which he released after he gave them the big Rex Hunt kiss. Errol had caught fish for breakfast for himself and Danni to enjoy that morning.

Later in the afternoon at approx. 3pm, myself and Nigel, coming in our car, Nic and Bev, Errol and Danni, Heather and Carmel, all decided to go up the road to do a spot of 4×4 driving at Flatrock. With Nick and Bev leading the charge, the tracks were mildly challenging.

With Heather driving and Carmel navigating, they attacked the climbs and descents like pro’s ‘’nothing fazes the girls!‘’

Errol and Danni had a little bit of trouble in a technical section, but with a bit more momentum got through unassisted.

Bev swapped over to be the driver and I guided her down a rutted decline with tree roots and trees to dodge. While she was on her way down she was worried about running me over, but I had faith in her driving. She even showed up Nic and showed him how it is done. Well done Bev, good driving.

After a few hours we had to head back to camp as we didn’t want to miss out on happy hour.

On Sunday morning Heather and Carmel woke up to find they had a flat tyre after their 4wd driving adventure the day before. A piece of wire had punctured through the tyre and I gave them a lesson in how to change a tyre.

Sunday we all headed for home at 11-30 but on the way we stopped for lunch at Mingela Hotel, except for Nick and Bev who decide to keep on going for home. The meals was good but we had to wait for a long time to receive them, apparently the cook was having domestic problems. After finishing our meals we headed for home at about 1.30. We all had a good time with great company wrapping up a great weekend, thanks everyone for coming along.

Fantastic photos of the weekend can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

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