The club’s annual community event – Clean Up of the Ravenswood Cemetery.  A bit of rain this year saw the club work their magic and bring this cemetery back to looking good.  

Ravenswood Cemetery Website image

There were about 9 cars that arrived at the camping ground late Friday afternoon and early evening. After setting up and having supper it started to rain a little. This was unexpected as our resident weatherman had predicted good weather but he is blaming the mistake on the earthquake on Thursday (that is his story and he is sticking to it!).

He did get it right the next day as it was a wonderful morning for working. After breakfast we set off to the cemetery. A few more people arrived that morning so we had 23 people cleaning up. Fortunately for the area, unfortunately for us they have had some rain up there which made the weeds and grass grow a lot longer. But after about 3 hours of whipper snipppering and manually pulling out weeds and grass it was all done. It looked so much better. After a photo of all the workers was taken we returned to the camp site.

Some of the people decided that one trailer load of firewood may not be enough so they went off in search of more and returned with another trailer load. Then Dale and Jim and a few more eager helpers got the fire going. By the time cooking started there were more than enough coals for about 16 camp ovens to cook on. After lots of stirring and adding coals to make sure the correct temperature was maintained we were almost finished. A few people almost burnt the hair off their legs doing this and we lost one tripod in the heat. We also had a few Master Chefs there who had the own heat imaging gun to make sure temperature were absolutely on the spot. Leons ingenious lighting method allowed us to see the vast array of tasty food that was on offer. All the dishes were so good that it made it difficult to choose which one was the best. In the end all the votes were in and counted and the results will be announced at the AGM Dinner.

As luck would have it no fines were issued this weekend which is great for many people as a few things were forgotten (Milk, tea, coffee, trip sheets x 6 , bed) to name a few. Sun morning after packing up, people started heading home. It was a good weekend of working, eating and socializing.

Fantastic photos of the weekend can be found on the clubs Facebook page here…

Individual post photo links are below>>>>

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