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Murray Falls 28–29 Jan 2017

On the weekend after Australia Day our club went for an overnight trip to Murray Falls. 4 Vehicles (7 Adults 3 Children) attended and everyone had a relaxing weekend and the best part was it was only a couple of hours away.      

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Social – New Year Breakfast 15 Jan 2017

This year we held our breakfast at the Mecure Inn’s Restaurant ‘Celsius’ and had 32 Adults and 2 children (4 adult and 2 children visitors) attend. What a way to start the year. New Years breakfast with a great bunch of people.  A very nice breakfast and a very full stomach.      

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Social – Christmas Party 26 Nov 2016

The Christmas party was well attend by 30 Adults and 3 children and of course Santa made a visit arriving on his red tractor. To make it interesting this year we had a ‘Blind Freddy’ to kick start the event off!          

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