On the weekend after Australia Day our club went for an overnight trip to Murray Falls. 4 Vehicles (7 Adults 3 Children) attended and everyone had a relaxing weekend and the best part was it was only a couple of hours away.




Leon Hodgkin was to lead this trip but was unavailable, so Matt became the leader to lead everyone from Townsville on Saturday morning. However Matt had trouble with his home fridge Friday night so wasn’t unable to lead. He meet everyone on Saturday morning and advised them so Howard by default was the new leader to lead the visitors, Michael, Danielle and baby Nathaniel up to the falls and they arrived around lunchtime.

Steven and Vikki had gone up on Wednesday afternoon and found a nice area for everyone. Matt after buying a fridge headed up and arrived with his partner Honey and her two boys, Pat and Maxx, early afternoon.

After setting up camp, everyone had a relaxing afternoon with most of us going swimming. Happy hour started at 5 around the fire pit and the fire was soon started.

An enjoyable evening was had around the fire, we even got to watch the fireflies playing. Also it was a first time experience for Honey and her boys to go camping and it was amazing for them to even see stars in the sky as they hadn’t seen them before.

During the night we had a light shower of rain so the next morning it was a slow pack up to allow our tents to dry, but still it was a nice relaxing start to the day.

After a good cooked breakfast, we all walked down to the waterfall for a group photo before packing up.

Howard headed off first, then Steven and Vikki while the rest stayed for one last swim before heading home, a nice relaxing weekend was had by all and the best part was it was only a couple of hours away.

Check out our Facebook page for photos and remember to keep a look out for Bundy.

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