This year we held our breakfast at the Mecure Inn’s Restaurant ‘Celsius’ and had 32 Adults and 2 children (4 adult and 2 children visitors) attend.

What a way to start the year. New Years breakfast with a great bunch of people.  A very nice breakfast and a very full stomach.




The morning started off at 8am with the fresh buffet breakfast consisting of the usual hot dishes, omelettes, pastries and toasts, plenty of fruit and “healthy” options too. Unfortunately the pancake station wasn’t working….

The food was delicious, fresh and was topped up at all times, the staff were friendly and very helpful.

The atmosphere was very relaxing and it was a great chance to catch up with everyone after our holiday break.

The chatter went back and forth around the two tables even with some of us moving around to chat some more.

There was talk about the next upcoming trip and what everyone had done over the break and before we all knew it the time was 10.30.

So it was time to leave but from the feedback from the members we might be back.

Thank you Celsius Restaurant & Bar for a very enjoyable Sunday morning.

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