The Christmas party was well attend by 30 Adults and 3 children and of course Santa made a visit arriving on his red tractor. To make it interesting this year we had a ‘Blind Freddy’ to kick start the event off!






So we decided to do something a bit different this year and have a ‘Blind Freddy’ lap. Well it was a hit, there was some great driving by female and male club members – not sure I can say the same with some of the navigation’s??? The spectators did see and hear some rather unusual ways of how to manoeuvre a 4wd that’s for sure.

Thanks to the committee members who went up early and set up the course to use and also to Bob and Ruth for letting us use their front paddock.

Then it was over to the shed and shade to have a chat and catch up. The children got excited when they saw Santa arriving on a red tractor and of course all went over to wait for their presents. Brad, our club president, helped Santa hand out the presents to the children and the members and of course some photos were taken, see our Facebook page, Bundy even got a photo.

Not long after, the members all came together to prepare some salads which were provided by the club and the BBQ was started. Everyone got cooking their meat, which they had brought along, and dinner was enjoyed as well as lots of chatter.

Fine dining was done by Bob, Ruth, Rick and Renata in bush style (with a couple of bottles of red and white) see photos on our Facebook page.

After the dinner tables were cleared away, everyone had to fit in all the enjoyable desserts.

A wonderful night which started with some 4wding fun, lots of pressies, Christmas food and magnificent company, what a great way to end the year.

The rest of the evening was enjoyed socializing and with some members camping overnight. Thanks goes to Bob and Ruth for letting all of us use your property and for being great hosts.

Check out our Facebook page for photos of an awesome night had by all who attended.

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