14 Adults 1 Child – 8 vehicles, 5 members, 3 visitors (soon to be members)

Lots of sand dunes, lots of fun!!!

Steven & Vikki were Trip Leaders for the day and everyone met at the BP Cluden to start the day off. Ray & Colleen, Wayne & Gaye, Nigel & Anya, Leon & Debbie and visitors Frank, Bob and Michael, & Danielle their little baby, Nathaniel.

When we arrived at Cungulla we let down our tyres and proceeded the short drive through the scrub to the beach, then drove to the Salmon Creek mouth. The sand was hard packed from overnight rain, so it was easy going.  We then decided to travel on a track that follows the creek, which goes behind the sand dunes.  It had some low tree branches hanging over the track that we held up so the 4×4’s could pass through without damage.

We exited the track back to the beach and headed back looking for a place to play in the sand dunes. Finding a sand ridge that looked promising we all had a go at going up and over the ridge it wasn’t too challenging because of the hard packed sand. So we decided to try it in two wheel drive, that had some of us getting stuck, but with more momentum it was we got over. The girls then had a go and showed up some of their male counterparts, it was all good fun.

Then we looked for another spot to have some fun, after finding a more difficult way up a long rise with a slight bend and with a sloping angle that also sloped sidewards with a 3 mtr drop off. The first few cars got through ok but the most of the rest had to be snatched. We had plenty of snatching practice to say the least, but that was what the day was all about. Bob got to try his new Sand Anchor out which didn’t quite work but after discussing it later we think there was suppose to be another part with it.

After the recovery’s we had lunch under a shady tree near the river, then we had a drive around Coco Creek for a future trips on the way home. A pleasant day was had by everyone and a few members stopped off at Ray & Colleen’s for an afternoon social.

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