A good turnout of 13 vehicles headed off to Deep Creek Retreat which is on the road between Clare and Dalbeg – inland from Home Hill.

It was an easy drive down and everyone had their camp set up by lunchtime. The camp ground was roomy with plenty of trees and quite civilised – had hot and cold showers, flushing toilets, and the amenities powered with solar lighting.

The afternoon was very hot, with one camp had a thermometer that was showing 40.9 degrees. As a result most of us were like goannas – finding some shade and doing very little for the afternoon.

Happy hour got off to an early start as an effort to counter the warm afternoon.

Conversations around the campfire after dinner highlighted the remarkable knowledge of club members. eg a number of people knew the speed of light –  186,000 miles per second.

No one went swimming as we didn’t want to test the advice that there were crocodiles throughout the area. Some tried fishing, and red claw pots went out but no fish or red claw made it to the table.

Overall, a very pleasant and relaxing trip away.

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