10 vehicles leaving Rupertswood Store in two groups heading to Greenvale and then arriving at Princess Hills at 1.25pm.


An early start for our trip, meeting at Rupertswood Store at 6:30am. It was decided to split the group as there were 10 vehicles, so six left by 6:40am, whilst we remained until all participants had arrived. Steven and Vikki led the first group and we were to all meet up at Greenvale. Next thing we see is Danni and Errol go past the meeting spot and heading up Hervey Range, they thought we had left them behind as they could hear chatter from the first group on the 2 way. Anyway they did see some of us still at the meeting spot so did a U turn and we sorted out the misunderstanding. Therefore the other 4 vehicles left about 6:45am. Quite a few bike riders on the range and we got stuck behind a V double truck and had to follow it until finally at the Mingela turn off we were able to pass safely. Not a lot of traffic on the road so a good trip to Greenvale to meet up with the rest of the crew, who assured us they had been waiting at least ½ an hour for us to turn up. A quick fuel top up, tyres deflated and we were on to the dirt.

It was quite dusty so the convoy was spreading out which meant communication was a little difficult, but we didn’t lose anyone at the couple of turns on to Poison Lake Road. Lindsay was itching to get firewood, but we managed to convince him there would be plenty further on down the track!!! Rule #1 broken.
On to Wairuna Road, where we found a good supply of easy to get at firewood. Chainsaws aplenty and vehicles/ trailers stacked, probably enough for a month, if you get the drift.
We went through a shower of rain on the Princess Hills road, so it was thought by the majority that Livio is not a very accurate weather presenter. Supposed to be sunny all weekend.
Arrived at our destination at 1:25pm, where Adam, Courtney, Ellen, Lilee and Mila were already on site. Leon, Debbie, Jim and Marg chose to go to camp site 2, as the ladies wanted to study some of the weekend, which left the other 8 of us to set up at Campsite 1.

Quite a few people decided to have a swim, but a bit too fresh for me. Fishing, crabbing and relaxing were the order of the afternoon before Happy Hour around 4:30pm. Errol caught a fish for Danni’s dinner and the majority were having bought fish following the Good Friday tradition.
A good night around the campfire with Steven and Vikki in fine form and plenty of laughs was had by all who remained.

Showers overnight, and overcast conditions but very pleasant all the same. Danni was the pied piper with the kids, helping them make cake, which they very kindly shared with everyone. Delicious. The day was spent swimming, canoeing, fishing and relaxing. Danni and Errol did a walking rece to see if they could get to the Herbert River Falls and had to walk through thigh high grass but said the scenery along the river was spectacular. Happy hour saw a shower of rain, so luckily Adam had his shade canopy which we could all shelter under. Campfire chatter again but not quite as late.

Easter Bunny had been very busy overnight and the kids were in their element. Lots of chocolatey faces but not one was hyper. Adam netted quite a lot of red claw overnight. After breaky, Errol, Danni, Courtney, Ellen, Ray, Colleen, Lindsay and I drove a couple of kms past campsite 2 before doing a walk along the Herbert River. We had to walk through some long grass, which was a little scary, as we had already seen one small snake in the rocks. It was a great walk, clambering over the rocks, over rock crossings, tree crossings and Ellen even did some Yoga on the large tree which had fallen across the creek bed. We got a good look at the various cascades along the river, stunning and a pity not everyone got to see them. Courtney, Ellen and Errol continued on the walk and managed to get to the main Falls which evidently was only another ¼ hour.
Back to camp for a much needed swim and relaxing afternoon. We were taught how to play the dice game of Zilch by Steven and Vikki. First game won by Steven and the second by Vikki. Excellent fun and something that the whole club could do around the campfire.

We awoke to very damp campers/ tents. Bradley, Jim and Marg decided to go home via Blencoe Falls whilst the remainder decided to go via Camel Creek. Finally on the road by 9:50am. We got stuck behind two poddy calves that decided they were not going to get off the road and we had to travel very slowly behind them for about 750m and each time they looked like veering off to one side they would run back on to the track. Finally one ran off into the bush and the other followed not long after. Calls over the two way to lasso them etc. We virtually flew over a rough cattle grid, with Leon commenting that he could have changed both our trailer tyres at the same time as the trailer was airborne. Drove through a flock of galahs and another Leon comment was he was going to call Lindsay NOAH, two poddies, two galahs to which Lindsay’s response was “Only need one more smart arse and I’ll have the lot”.
A quick stop at the Blue Range turn off near Camel Creek before turning right towards the Gregory Development Road. For some unknown reason, Howard decided he would go Left. Anyway after being advised over the 2 way he was going the wrong way his response was “well you can go that way also”. We do not know why he turned Left as there were 7 cars prior turning Right.
Stopped for lunch on the Burdekin River, pumping up our tyres also. Lindsay noticed the trailer tyre was flat, so had to do a quick change. Looks like the Flat Tyre award again this year.

Back into Townsville without further incident.

Trip details: Via Greenvale 387kms 7 hours (which included fuel, smoko, tyre deflation and firewood).
Trip home: Via Camel Creek 351kms 5.5 hours (including lunch, tyre inflation and change of tyre).

Thank you to all who made the weekend such excellent fun.

Heather and Lindsay

More fantastic photos of the trip can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

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