The AGM Dinner was held at the Victoria Park Hotel, with 33 members and visitors attending.

Brad Jones presented the Presidents Award to the Paluma Working Group. Nic accepted the award on behalf of the group and said that it was great that the club are involved in such activities.

Other awards presented by vote of members present were:

Shit Stirrer                                        Simon

Broken Conrod                               Peter

Bogged                                            Leon

All Banged up                                 Gaye

Working your butt off                   Warren

Dummy Spit                                     Male – Frank

                                                           Female- Vikki

Flat Tyre                                           Lindsay Groat – again. Lindsay said he was going to bring some nails on future trips so he would not win next year but if so he may be a contender for Dummy Spit!!!!   

Many thanks must go to our Supporters who provided us with a large number of prizes, so it was decided that we would hold a Mega Cristmas Raffle with tickets sold at the September, October and November meetings with the raffle being drawn at the November meeting. Tickets $2 each or 6 for $10.

First Prize –               Vehicle Awning donated by ARB (Value $395)

Second Prize –          Battery Jump Starter donated by Battery World (Value $199) 

Third Prize –              Voucher donated by 4WD Central (Value $100)

Fourth Prize –            Voucher for Rotation, Wheel balance & Wheel Alignment donated by Advantage tyres.

At the AGM dinner the following people won prizes donated by our Supporters:

Paluma Workers –  Val – Voucher donated by 4WD Central (Value $100)

Trip leaders-             Leon – Voucher donated by 4WD Central (Value $100)

Meeting Attendance Lindsay – Voucher donated by 4WD Central (Value $100)

Lucky Door 1st      Wayne – Voucher donated by 4WD Central (Value $100)

Lucky Door 2nd         Ray – Advantage Tyre Voucher

Lucky door 3rd           Alison – Kirwan Ten Pin Family Voucher.

Cole-lee presented a bunch of flowers to both Vikki and Alison for their contributions to our meetings.

Lindsay donated a camping shower tent to the person who could put in back in the bag in the fastest time. Alison, Frank and Nigel tried with a lot of laughter from those egging them on with Nigel having the fastest time.

With all those festivities over we were able to sit back and watch our wonderful Cowboys send another Sydney team packing.

Many thanks to all who attended and especially to Vikki for her organising the great night.

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