Trip Leader – Warren, 7 member vehicles and 2 visitors. We met at the Rupertswood shop for a 8:30 start to meet up with the Charters Towers club at Laroona Rd turn off at 9:30, everyone arrived early and the Charters Towers club was unable to attend so we left around 8:15.

It was an easy drive on the black top to Laroona Rd where we pulled over for a leg stretch and toilet break, some people let their tyres down. The start of the gravel road was easy going until the call came over 2way to be wary of a wash out, which turned out to be not much bigger than a corrugation – that gave everyone something to say! 

After that point the road started to have a couple of patches of corrugations and some more ‘wash outs’.  When we approached Sandy Creek another call came over the 2way that there was a water crossing coming up and that turned out to be enough to wet the tread on our tyres. When we were approaching the next water crossing someone asked if they needed to put on their water bra, because it was slightly deeper.

We arrived at Mt Fox around midday to set up camp. Happy hour started around 4pm with a gathering around the fire. Warren got everyone into pairs (except Howard, who didn’t want to play kids games) to play a game of local trivia. The scores were very low with the majority scoring in single digits and the winners only scoring 12/20.

We moved to under the covered area for dinner. After dinner there was another game organised of the Mt Fox cup which was filled with laughter.

We then migrated back to the fire for a couple of drinks and to warm up as it was starting to get a little cooler.

The next morning we all packed up and left whenever we were ready, with a chose of your own adventurous way home with 4 possible routes. After goodbyes, we all made our way home.

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