Trip Leader – Nick.
Our trip started the usual way, collecting firewood on the way into camp.

The men cutting and collecting and the women supervising on this trip. The firewood was put to good use at Happy Hour on Saturday night.

On this weekend trip we went to help pull down some fencing that was no longer needed, many hands make light work and only 3 hours work was required. Maybe it was the fact that we had Bundy (our club mascot) helping us, check out the photos. Small price to pay for such a magical place to go and stay for a weekend.

Bundy working hard helping us!

This was our lunch break views on Saturday, amazing! Every time we go to this place it surprises us.

Nice place to work and have a lunch break.

The other photo is of the drive back to camp after the working bee.

Driving back through the valleys.

Well worth the small effort for the breathtaking views and the tranquility of this awesome place.

The night was spent by the campfire enjoying the company of friends, thanks to everyone who came along and helped.

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