Trip Leader: Lindsay, 3 vehicles.
Lindsay and Heather, Simon and Nick and Val, left Yabulu at 8 to travel up to Paluma.

This weekend was to go up and help with the removal of some old fence. We met Tim and his offsider on the road in. He told us where and when to meet to start on the fence. We collected firewood, Simon selected a piece full of ants and then put it on our camper! After spraying those pesky ants, we set up our camp.

Then we all followed Tim to the start of the fence line. We had a fence puller, wire cutters and gloves to do the job. The fence had 3 strands, with one smooth and 2 barbed wire. We got into a rhythm of cutting, pulling, winding and then taking the bundle of wire to the edge of the road.

Lunch was a very pleasant picnic in the bush with fallen trees providing perfect seats! We steadily moved along the fence till about 3:00 then drove back to camp to light the fire, shower, happy hour, watch the wallabies, cook dinner in the coals, campfire solutions, nightcap and bed!

Sunday morning was a leisurely start with lots of dew on our campers. We decided to drive out to the place Tim told us about that was the start of a walk to another waterfall.

Lindsay took one track and the rest took a slightly different one. There were ribbon markers on the trees to follow. It lead us to a wonderful lookout at the top of the waterfall.

Looking across we saw Lindsay at the end of the path he had taken. After taking photos we walked across to Lindsay to view the waterfall from a different angle.

Back to camp we packed up, drove down the hill, all went well till Lindsay got a flat tyre on his trailer before getting into Townsville, that is why he usually always get the Flat Tyre Award at the AGM Dinner each year!

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