Trip Leader – Lindsay.
Everyone left Yabulu at 8am with Lindsay as Trip Leader and 9 vehicles in the convoy.

We stopped at Paluma for a comfort stop at 9 and got going at 9:25, it was a bit chilly at 14 deg. As we moved onto the turnoff, we let our tyres down then drove further on to the house on the property.

Tim thought the grass would be too long and not enough room to camp down at the hut so we quickly set up camp and then drove down to the hut.

Michael got to work installing the kitchen, others cleared the weeds on the bank of the creek. Tim came down to collect a flat tractor tyre. He then showed us the track to a great lookout from the top of the ridge.

We all headed back to camp collecting firewood on the way. Not too cold, around the campfire and then we all were snug in bed. Sunday some chose to stay and camp an extra day then make their way home. Others drove the ‘opposite way’ to the waterfall lookout. Again great views and water was going over the falls.

We then headed back to camp and packed up the now dry canvas and home. Another great weekend at this awesome property.

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