25 Adults & 4 children attended, 14 Vehicles camped overnight. All the members made their own way up to the Ashton Hotel near Abergowrie, north-west of Ingham.

Some members got there early and after setting up their campers had a delicious lunch on the nice cool verandah of the hotel. As the afternoon got closer to Happy Hour, the members started arriving and decorating their campers, well that made for some tough judging later.

There were tablecloths draped over bonnets, tinsel wrapped around aerials and solar lights hang from bullbars to canopies. That’s just the start, there was heaps and heaps of other wonderful decorations and also some awesome homemade Christmas Daisy Chains made by Connor and Alecia.

We started the campfire and Happy Hour at 4 and had some lovely Christmassy treats and then we had a visitor that all children love, Santa. He arrived and handed out the presents to the children and even had some of the lady members sit on his knee for a photo.

Then for the adult presents, this year we did it a bit different, the females and males sat in two separate circles. Then we all got a present from the table and a poem was read out and everyone had to pass the present to the left or right, every time left or right was said. It was a fun game which everyone enjoyed and had a good laugh too.

Then the judging of the camper decoration was done by Vikki and Colleen, there was a scoring of 1 out of 10 and the winner to be announced after dinner.

At 7 we all went into the Hotel for dinner but as we entered Ally, Vikki and Colleen put a headband on everyone’s head with a ‘Who Am I’ Christmas theme name on it. Everyone had it on during dinner and had to ask question about who they were and try and guess, there was some interesting answers.

Dinner was absolutely scrumptious, the Ashton Hotel made the most wonderful meals, everything was yummy and they even made some amazing desserts. We would recommend them anytime.

The announcement of the camper decorating was done, with two members tying for first place, Wayne & Gaye and Nigel & Anya, both getting 9. They then were asked to pick a number and Nigel & Anya won. Nigel was presented with a box of chocolates and he then presented them to Ally, Andrew, Connor & Alecia for the children’s hard work in decorating their camper. Chocolates were handed out to the other members as well.

After packing up the dining room, we all headed out to the camp fire for a nice relaxing evening.

Thanks goes to Colleen & Val for helping with setting up the dining room and Colleen for helping judge the Camper Decoration Competition, Vikki.

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