Meeting at 7.45am Yabulu Caltex.  Introducing visitors Tilio and Marie plus Ross and Sam.  Briefing of the weekend adventures rapped up by Nic, we jumped in our 4x4s some with trailer in tow and headed north.   Radio check.

Nic and Val – Lead

Tilio and Maria – Car 2

Ross and Sam  – Car 3

Errol and Dani – Car 4

Simon and Enzo  – Car 5

Peter and Kids – Car 7

Lindsay and Heather – Tail end Charlie

Trip up the range met with little traffic but a few push bike riders.   9.05am we stopped at Paluma Community Centre to let down our tyres.  Then on to the turn off where the drive into the hut was enjoyed by all, with views as far as the eye could see across the Valley.

4 wheels engaged we navigated the water filled creek crossing, gathered our fire wood and then finally arrived at the hut.

We found the hut this time with long grass and lucky Nic brought his brushcutter so we were able to clear areas for our individual to campsite and most importantly the campfire.   Once camp was set it was off to work on the securing running water to the kitchen and bathroom vanities. 

A picture board telling of the club’s efforts at restoring the hut and removing barbed wire fencing on the property was hung.  This generated a lot of talk about who made the most appearances (and who was doing the most work).  An authentic bush towel rake was installed in the shower area and Nic was the first to ensure that it was fit for purpose.      

3pm we headed over to the Waterhole to wash off the dirt and grim from a day’s work in preparation for happy hour, dinner and a night of friendly chatter around the campfire.

Just before dinner we were lucky to have a close experience with an electrical storm upon us.  A very loud crack of thunder sent some running for cover.  The rain came and went quick enough.  And so, we were able to settled in the for night without too much fuss.  The lighting flashed and the thunder clapped in the distance providing quite a thrilling night of entertainment. 

As much as we tried we couldn’t find any clowns in the campfire that night.  However, some would say there were plenty around the campfire looking in.

All were up early as the sun and heat rose quickly on Sunday morning.  An enjoyable morning had by all with some working and others enjoying the ambiance of the area.  

At noon through gullies and across ridges back to Paluma township where we stopped for lunch and to put air in our tyres for the trip down Paluma range and home.

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