8 vehicles left Yabulu about 7:45am. Colleen distributed an Australia Day pack with a quiz, word find, tattoo stickers and balloon. Kevin was to be Sergeant at Arms for the weekend – be on your best behaviour.

We were asked to set our Odometer to 0 and the quiz began at approximately 60kms along the highway. It was fine, sunny and cloudy until Ingham. The table drains were running with water near Mosquito Creek. Lindsay asked everyone to confirm their odometer at 50kms and the variations were interesting, from 47kms to 51.2kms. This will make the quiz interesting. Near Francis Creek roadworks we had to dodge a LYCRA KANGAROO.

At Cardwell, some stopped for pies, whilst others found a different pit stop. We passed through heavy showers which made answering the quiz a little difficult, especially counting the flags – stiff bikkies and get better windscreen wipers. We had to dodge a black Labrador on the highway, not sure where it appeared from but luckily it used common sense and didn’t get hit.

On to the Palmerston Highway for smoko at Henrietta Creek. It rained very heavily there and luckily there was a good sheltered area. Quizzes handed in to Colleen for marking.

About Millaa Millaa, Colleen announced the winners of the quiz. Lindsay and Heather 40, most others 39. Then the fight began. Contention regarding the number of flags. Most counted 9 but Jean said there were two out the back which made 11. The prize was first pick of a campsite.

We arrived at Woodleigh at 12:50pm. Overcast but only light showers. Camp spot was named Horses Water. The property owners had slashed our camping area so it was pristine.

We joined up with Simon, Nick and Val who had travelled there the day before, and Errol and Danni who arrived at 8:30am, early start!!! Steve and Vikki arrived a bit after 4pm.

Happy hour was a little after 4pm with Australia Day treats such as lamb, vegemite and cheese sausages, party pies, vovos, vegemite saladas, vegemite scrolls. Yummo.

Colleen and Ray set the rules for the Thong Throwing comp, throw between the two gum trees and as far as you can. Lindsay spat the dummy when he was disqualified for throwing outside the boundary and continued to kick up a stink about how unfair this was. Jim AKA Shane Warne was the eventual winner. There were some unusual styles of throwing the thong.

Next activity was the Greg Norman Hole in One. Once again some unique styles. Plenty of slices, divots etc. John proved to be the best and won an Aussie shovel for his efforts.

Bob (approx. 85) and his son Brian, station workers, came for a chinwag. Bob had previously been a Townsville 4WD club president back in the late 70’s. He had plenty of stories to tell, of places the club had been to previously. They were building 6 new toilet facilities into a container. They work for about 4 months and travel the remainder of the year.

Dinner was consumed and the odd campfire solution discussed. Evidently late in the evening Robert performed some acrobatics.

Saturday was a day of leisure with the weather being kind, only the odd scud of showers. Canoeing, fishing etc. A few vehicles went to visit the other campsites in the area being Battery Creek and Buggery Bend. On the way back from Battery Creek, Steve came to grief on the track. He took the high part of the track and ended up sideways bogged. Lindsay winched him back on the track and in his haste to exit the scene he gunned his vehicle and grazed a small sapling. BUGGER.

At Buggery Bend there were several other campers from Cairns enjoying the area.

We drove back to Innot Hot Springs. Walked down to the small stream and tested the waters. Very hot in places. Back to camp to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Happy hour with chatter about fishing (Errol and Danni 2) and of course winching antics. Kevin organised another golf game. Cool evening and even saw the moon and stars.

Sunday saw Jim, Margaret and Howard make their own way home. Nick and Val were going to go via the markets also. Nigel and Anja, Errol and Danni were staying the extra night, so that left 6 for the convoy home.

We stopped off at Millstream Falls, a short 340m walk down a tarred path. The falls were quite spectacular with the recent rains. The trek back to the carpark was obviously all uphill, with one earlier comment saying 340m down, 3km back to the top!!! John and Jean decided to do another walk so then there were 5 vehicles. A relatively easy trip home, with most stopping at Cardwell for lunch. We continued on to Ingham and made our own way home.

Thankyou Colleen and Ray for a great trip and for all who participated in the fun and games. Certainly another camping area to revisit in the future.

Heather and Lindsay

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