One of our member’s Bob brought along an EverShower Tent.

When the general business was finished at the meeting, Bob got up to explain about the EverShower tent that you could use anywhere.

This ensuite provides you with a portable, private shower which can be set up in approximately 2 minutes with the option to recycle the water. You can position the EverShower wherever and however you like, whether that be indoors, outdoors.

Simply place the included 12v electric pump into your water source, such as inside the tub (with the drain closed) if recycling, or outside the tub (with the drain open) for continuous freshwater.

To recycle, simply pour up to 10 litres of water into the tub (though 3 or 4 would be ample). Use solar or stove-heated water, or add a portable water heater. Switch on the pump, jump inside and enjoy the excellent features of the EverShower!

Bob then demonstrated how to put the EverShower up and showed how quick and easy it was to put up.

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