Trip Leader: Ray.

We left Rupertswood shop at around 8am for the short drive up to Mirrambeena.

Once we were there, some of us set up camp, but a couple of us got bogged straight up on the sand but it wasn’t that hard to get out using Andrew’s new max tracks, he was dying to try them anyway.

After everyone was set up it was a chance to go and get some firewood, some opting to go for a kayak on the river before we had happy hour, where it was a chance for those who didn’t get bogged to brag about it.

The next morning was a bit of a light breakfast for everyone then it was time to pack up and head on home at a leisurely pace.

There wasn’t much drama in getting out as we had all got our tires at the right tyre pressure.

There were a couple that took the more adventurous way out which was exciting to watch. All had a great time as Mirrambeena is a close place to go for an overnight stay.

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