Trip Leader- Lindsay. After spending the previous weekend cleaning and checking our vehicles for dirt, seeds etc for Biosecurity reasons we had 7 vehicles leave Alice River bright and early on the following Saturday morning.

An uneventful trip up Hervey’s Range Road, on to the Gregory Development Road as far as the Clarke River where we turned right on to Blue Range Road, travelling via Camel Creek to Gadara Station where we had to have our vehicles checked by the Biosecurity officer.

We virtually had to re-wash our vehicles from head to toe, which took up a couple of hours, doing two vehicles at a time. Unfortunately Errol and Danni staked a couple of tyres on some machinery lying in the grass, so had to do a tyre change. Once given the all clear, they drove us to our private area and suggested we camp near the old Homestead. We managed to convince them that we wanted to camp in our usual spot and were all competent four wheel drivers. Simon and Lindsay did a recce of the track, reporting that the track was in excellent condition and we would not have any issues traversing it to the usual camp site.

It was agreed that we could then camp at our usual site and we all set off, hoping to find the 2 beer can turn off to camp. Once again the river had flooded over the wet season and the sand was quite tricky to drive on. Heather bogged the trailer, so had to hand the wheel over to Lindsay to get it back out. After hooking up the winch, the recovery went to plan and back on the right track.

Everyone found a good camp spot and set up. By this time it was quite late in the afternoon, so fishing and swimming further down from camp took place. Who will catch the first fish?

Firewood gathered and fire lit, happy hour and lots of tales and laughs were had.

Sunday saw us have a leisurely morning, with Tilio and Marie up early and getting the fishing rods into the river. Once again we had the Sooty Grunter Fishing Challenge, with a great trophy made by Danni and Errol. Later in the morning we decided to do a four wheel drive explore to find the “fishing hole” where in previous years lots of big Sooties had been caught.

Unfortunately the track was quite eroded and we had some fun getting up and down some of the slopes until we came to Hopewell Creek, which had been completely washed out and we could not go any further. Time to turn around and head back to camp for lunch and more fishing, swimming etc.

Monday saw us pack up camp, extinguish the fire (that took some doing) and up from the river bank on to the track and return back to Townsville the same way we came. All in all a good weekend was had by all, even though we had to do some serious cleaning of our vehicles beforehand.

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