Six vehicles met at Yabulu Service Station for our trip to the property.

We left at 8:20am and unfortunately Dani and Errol had to return home due to illness, so then there were 5. Uneventful trip up the range to Paluma, where it was quite cool and misty rain falling. We continued on, deflating our tyres and collecting firewood prior to arriving at the property at 10:45am.

Camps set up and the fire was lit. Chris realised he had not packed his main swag, but he did have his mattress and warm sleeping bag so that was a bonus. His comment was, “this is what happens when you haven’t been camping for a while”. A quick lunch and then off for a drive to the waterfall.

The country was looking great with the wattle trees out in abundance and also some mauve wildflowers. They had been burning quite a bit of the property and the tracks have all been slashed, less Lantana to scratch the vehicles also.

We were all covered in wattle flowers on our walk towards the waterfall. Nick looked like a wattle tree with his yellow poncho and flowers hanging off him.

There was still misty rain so the view from the first lookout was not what we would usually see, but it was still majestic. The water was flowing over the falls but probably only as much as the last time we visited. The grass trees were all in flower, with little white petals. Back in the car, we drove the ridge track back to camp.

On arrival at camp, Bradley had set up camp and the fire was still going. Next there were 5 or 6 pairs of shoes resting on a log drying next to the fire. Very damp underfoot. Happy hour and then camp ovens on for dinner. The coals were not as hot as expected, but Lindsay kept assuring us that the coals from the red logs were better than the grey logs.

Gourmet camp ovens, from lamb chops wrapped with haloumi and prosciutto, roast chicken, charred beef ribs (those coals must have been from the red logs).

The mist dissipated and a very pleasant night was had around the campfire, even some stars out, so a good sign for tomorrow.

Sunday we woke to sunshine. Leisurely breaky whilst we waited for the canvas to dry. Chris left early which left 4 vehicles for the trip home. Finally on the track by 11:30am.

We were asked to try a different route home, which was fabulous. Lots of low range driving, creek crossings, rocky creek beds, steep inclines and declines etc. We veered off the track and were a little unsure if we were on the right track, but Bradley assured us we were heading for the bitumen.

Stopped off at a small dry creek crossing for a late lunch. Very pleasant sitting on the boulders enjoying the serenity. Nick and Val noticed a feral dingo up on the ridge. Finally found the gate and back out on the bitumen for the trip home. We had traveled for about 30kms on the property and it took at least 2 hours. We may in future take this track into the station as some of the inclines would be very interesting to attack from the other direction.

After driving a few kilometres Frank reminded us we needed to inflate our tyres, so we found a clearing to pull over. Plenty of cattle on the road as well as landmines, emus etc. Back on to Hervey Range Road and a good trip back to Townsville arriving about 4:15pm.

Thank you to Nick, Val, Chris, Frank, Julia and David, Bradley for a great weekend. This property is certainly a great find and never ceases to amaze us with the variety of 4 wheel driving we can do.


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