5 vehicles traveled south along the Bruce Highway turning right just past the Houghton River crossing.

We then drove to Dalbeg and attemped to find the school house. Steven thought it was along one road but finally in the small community of Dalbeg we had to ask directions to the right place.

On the journey to find it, we discovered a sight coming along the centre of the road, a quad bike with driver decked out with orange goggles waving us down. They then showed us an area through a locked gate which had quite good camping facilities but no four wheel drive tracks.

The second site had good camping and quite sandy tracks to the Burdekin River. They advised us of a couple of other areas we could check out, so after having morning tea on the river we drove to the third site which had excellent four wheel driving for kilometers along side the River.

We enjoyed driving in the soft sand finding camping spots along the way. We had to get up a sand dune, which proved to be quite a challenge for Nick and Bev, try try try again. This provided some excellent entertainment for the rest of us waiting to do the challenge.

Next victim was Michael and once again many repeats of getting stuck, reversing and trying again. The long handled shovels came to the rescue, but where were the “max tracks”.

Steven and Vikki showed us all how it was done, doing it all in one go. Wayne and Gaye were the next to try and once again had several attempts before lowering their tyre pressures and succeeding.

Finally we were all up on the next level of sand and stopped in the shade to enjoy a lunch break and watch the world go by. After lunch we drove to the 4th area but some Fencing contractors were on working there so we will have to look at that spot later on in the year when there is a weekend trip planned.

All in all an excellent day trip with some fun in the sand.

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