Trip Leader – Simon. 4 vehicles went on a day trip to a ‘Biggest Morning Tea”

I was invited to a ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ to raise morning for Cancer, I think from someone I know, it was to be on their 500 acre property on Reid River, out towards Charters Tower.

So I put it to the 4wd drive club to see if anybody would like to come with me at the same time as it would be a good time to check it for future club camps.

We had 4 vehicles including mine come along, each was to bring a plate of food to share at the morning tea.

After we had all eaten and mingled, the owner invited to take us around to look at the property. It involved a little bit of 4wdriving and there was plenty of good camp spots.

After that we headed back to the shed and said our goodbyes, everybody had a good time.


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