We met at the Caltex Yabulu service station at 7 AM for trip briefing 6 vehicles in total 3 visitors.

Howard had a malfunction with his alarm clock and slept in, I think that clock predates history.  

We got away about 7.30 and had a quick break at Cardwell, another stop at Innisfail and a refuel at Mossman, before getting to the Daintree Village around 2.30. This is where we met up with the other club members who had traveled up earlier, which now made a total of 10 vehicles.

Some headed up to the Daintree Pub to watch the AFL Grand Final, others got busy preparing dinner with the young fellas practicing their camp oven cooking skills.

Happy hour discussions that night led to everyone agreeing to an early start on Sunday morning so to start the track early and we got away around 7.30.

The track was good, a bit of good four wheel driving in it with Red Hill definitely being the most challenging and fun 4WD challenge of the day. 

We then made our way to PJ’s campground where a few of us elected to go on a guided nature and history walk with PJ who is a traditional custodian of the area. We were very lucky at one stage that we didn’t stand around too long because a huge branch broke off a tree and dropped right where Errol had been standing a few seconds ago.

Our next stop was Roaring Meg Falls we had a bite to eat and some went up to the falls for a look others had a swim. Then it  was off to the Bloomfield Track and across the Daintree on the ferry – bit of a wait for the ferry and everyone was getting keen for happy hour and dinner. The boys decided they couldn’t wait and cooked their hamburgers by the side of the road while waiting in the queue it kept everyone entertained while we waited in the queue.

By the time we got off the ferry the race was on to get back to Daintree for the NRL Grandfinal and a well earned beverage at the Daintree Pub. It was a long day the whole trip took about 10  hours but well worth it to be able to have all 10 vehicles successfully complete the track without incident. That’s if you don’t count the things that fell off the back of utes and bull bars along the way.

Lindsay was the ‘sargeant at arms’ and I think Colleen should open her pockets now.

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