Cleaning up the Ravenswood Cemetery is a wonderful way to give back. 5 vehicles arrived on the Friday night and I arrived on Saturday morning at 8 am as could not stay for the weekend. After the campers had breakfast, we departed for the cemetery with 10 workers (the lowest number we had in years).

Luckily the Council had mowed which was good. Another worker arrived and so our workforce consisted of 11 people and 1 small dog belonging to Simon.

We started off with 3 whipper snipers but one broke down, then another and so only had 1 for the rest of the work. Ross’s trailer was filled many times to deposit the grass and weeds outside the fence. Under the trailer was good refuge for Simon’s dog as an eagle kept circling overhead.

Despite the small numbers we still managed to finish by 12.30pm. Bigger job due to smaller crew this year with not much equipment available to work with.

All those in attendance were nominated for the working your Butt Off award as it was a big morning. The Railway Hotel had signs up welcoming campers and this could be a good option for next year as the Bats are still at the showgrounds.

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