Our annual AGM Dinner was held at Tom’s Tavern Function Room, 24 members attended.

When members arrived they ordered their meals and chatted away about our exciting adventures over the past year. After enjoying our delicious meals it was time for the awards and prizes to be handed out.

The following awards were presented to:

Shit Stirrer Award – Ray

Dummy Spit – Male Award – Lindsay

Dummy Spit – Female Award – Alison

Working your butt off Award – Ravenswood Cemetery Clean-up Crew

Flat Tyre Award – Errol and Dani

Broken Conrod – Chris

All Banged Up Award – Robert

Bogged Award – Bob

Camp Oven Cook Off – Dani & Errol, Steven & Vikki

President’s Award – Colleen

Prizes were also awarded for the different categories:

Trip Leaders – Simon, Ian, Lindsay & Ray

Meeting Attendance – Colleen, Dani & Errol, Bevan, Cole-Lee

Ravenswood Clean Up – Gaye & Tilio

Everybody mingled for the rest of the evening and enjoyed the company.

For more information on trips and events check out our “Club Events” page or Facebook.

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