Attended by 16 members and 2 visitors who were dined with a variety of mains and desserts from various different countries.

This year we held our International Dinner at Ray and Colleen’s place and it was well attended even though it was cool. We started the night off with Happy Hour and a game of ‘Pass the Parcel’, with each unwrapping there was some interesting facts about the different countries that we all were about to eat from. Kyle won the prize of a box of chocolates.

Dinner was served and we all enjoyed some delicious meals and desserts from countries all around the world while sitting around the campfire. Thanks everyone who came and for bringing along the scrumptious food.

The following meals were served:


Frank & Irena – Austria/Germany – Goulash

Tilio & Marie – Thai – Curry

Howard – Australia – Pickled Pork & Potatoes

Steven & Vikki – Scotland – Scottish Beef Stew

Simon – India – Korma & Rice

Wassa & Cole-Lee – Australia – Meat Pie


Ray & Colleen – New Zealand – Pavlova with Kiwifruit

Tilio & Marie – Italian – Tiramisu

Kyle & Alisha – Finland – Finish Blueberry Pie

After dinner, we sat around the campfire and of course worked on all the world’s dilemmas, well maybe not…

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