01st May 2021

Cathu State Forest Trip

Saturday morning everyone met at 6:45am. Once caffeinated and a little less bleary eyed, all 6 vehicles headed south, leaving on time at 7am. Stopping along the way for toilet and fuel stops, before turning off the highway for Cathu.

Toilet stop #1 just outside of Ayr
Toilet stop #2 at the Proserpine Driver Reviver

We arrived at our camp-site to find our president already set up and looking relaxed. Then after everyone had set up camp some of the members headed out to collect firewood for the campfire and relax for afternoon tea.

Firewood collection
I think we have enough now guys
Afternoon tea

For those new to the club, be warned…

we have a “Sargent of Arms” on each trip that looks out FOR your mistakes, mishaps and complaints, plus listens to find ways to fine you at the next general meeting – it’s only a coin donation, but the more mistakes, the more fines.

The kids had found other kids to play with and happy hour was enjoyed by all around the campfire.

On Sunday we left at 10am to try and find the waterfall, which we didn’t find on our previous trip to Cathu State Forest.. There were a few technical sections on the drive which made the drive interesting and we tried a different track which did lead us to the waterfall. It was just the top of the waterfall instead of the bottom, but beautiful all the same!

Take it easy all
Cathu Falls
Going down, first stop?

We found the waterfall at the same time as another dozen vehicles having a day drive, so it was a full area and difficult to find a spot for everyone to park.  After a bite to eat, we headed down to the waterfall where a few got their feet wet in the cold water.

Chillin’in the fresh waters of Cathu State Forest

Aside from our club photographers who seemed to spend just as much time out of their vehicles as they did in, it was a day when everyone in the group spent some time driving and testing their skills offroad.. We travelled about 52kms for the round trip to the waterfall and took about 4hrs in total. 

Another successful trip away with the club and no major damage to any of the vehicles and everyone had a fantastic time!

Report by: Rick Monk


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