20th November 2021

Christmas Party | Social

It’s time to celebrate the club’s achievements with our annual Christmas party, this year it was held at the Big Crystal Creek camping area on Saturday 20 November.

We had around 23 members attend, with a small handful heading up on the Friday night and the bulk arriving on the Saturday.

After a relaxing swim in the creek, it was time for happy hour and snacks as we firstly gathered around Simon’s camp, then headed to the marque.

The social committee introduced a new game this year, a water passing game where you had a line of people holding empty cups, with the first person’s cup full. The aim – to see who would have the fullest cup by tipping the water over your head to the person behind.

It seemed too easy at the start, so the rules were constantly changed to make it more challenging until we came to the final round to decide a winning team.

Then suddenly out of the forest we spotted a red figure heading towards the marque.. Sure enough it was Santa, although he had definitely been to Weight Watches. Even though he was missing his big jelly belly, we feel he had spent the year in a comedy club making everyone that received a gift laugh hysterically.

Then the feast began, with everyone bringing out their dishes to share with quite a variety to choose from. Everyone was hungry, as there wasn’t much left over.

After letting dinner settle, it was time for the mega raffle draw with the remaining prizes from the AGM dinner and announcing the winner of the best dressed campsite. 

We know who won the Mega raffle prizes, as this was sent out via email to everyone.

Then the final game for the night – Glow in the dark bowling. This was challenging for everyone to knock over all 10 water bottles with only 2 attempts, but eventually we had a winner!

From the feedback that was passed around, the night was a huge success and there was plenty of fun and laughter had by all.

With the campfire burning, we sat around chatting until around 10:30pm where most of us ventured to bed.

The next morning it was time to pack up and have a final dip in the clear waters of the creek, but this time we had the place to ourselves before the day trippers arrived.

Weather wise, we couldn’t have asked for anything better! 30 deg throughout the day and mild temperatures at night… even had to reach for the blacket in the early hours.

If you would like to join us for future trips, please contact us about becoming a member.

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