16th July 2022

Go Karting

On Saturday 16th July we had 7 members arrive at the Townsville Pitstop Go karting track for an afternoon of adrenaline infused racing.

After completing the enrolment forms and watching the safety video, it was time to hit the tracks.

For those that have not been in a go-kart before, you suddenly realise that they don’t have power steering and turning the kart is like driving a tank.

For the first 10 min session, it was understanding how not to drift, bump others but still trying to stop those behind you passing at high speeds..
Although some chose to ignore those rules just to get the best lap times. 

The top 3 were – Andrew(1st), Scott(2nd) and Rick(3rd) with times from 21-22 seconds on our fastest lap, although there was a controversial decision on Alison’s times as they did not record and she declared herself the winner of the best lap time.

There were several other groups also racing, so about 45min later it was time for our 2nd, 10 minute session, this time it was (faa**) bugger the rules, just plant your foot and go for it.

One particular member decided that using the PIT maneuver was the best way to knock out his opponents.. You know who you are! “coughDREW”.

As the sun was casting shadows heavily on the track this created more challenges along with hefty braking for those that chose to crawl around the tracks.

Again the top 3 were Andrew (1st) at 19.8 seconds, Rick (2nd) at 20.1 seconds and Scott(3rd) at 21.4 seconds with everyone shaving at least 2 seconds off their first session times

It was certainly a fun couple of hours and a great way to test not only your driving skills, but stepping outside of your comfort zone to challenge yourself.

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Report: Rick

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