29th January 2022

Murray Falls 2022

Saturday 29 January started as per usual with the convoy meeting at Yabulu Service station and kicking off around 8:30 am as we went over the safety procedures. The convoy up to Ingham consisted of six vehicles and twelve people.

The trip up to Murray Falls went well with the occasional blinding rainfall slowing the convoy down. Once we arrived at Murray Falls we met up with the rest of the crew who made their way up Friday, after a wet setup we all made our way down to the waterhole to which we were presented with a welcome surprise, nice high and flowing water.

Given one of the members went up the week prior had reported there was next to no water was both shocking and relieving to us all. A few of us then embraced the chill of hypothermia as we jumped into the water and waited for our bodies to numb, followed by a brave few who took on the high flowing rapids both on and off their tubes.

I think we all expected heavy rain when heading up, especially given most of us drove through it however,
much to our surprise after an initial rainfall the weekend was mostly dry with only the occasional shower that proved only to keep the campsite nice and cool throughout the weekend. 

A few of us who decided to hang back for a swim decided to stop into the Cardwell pub for a feed and a few “non-alcoholic beverages”.

Trip Report: Storm

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