11th September 2021

Private Station

All left Yabulu around 8 am after trip briefing and signing attendance/trip register. After testing everyone with their mind-reading abilities to advise to turn left when I actually meant the ‘other’ left (right), we all turned right onto the highway.

A fairly easy drive up to Paluma with only one oncoming vehicle and some cloud and misty rain at Paluma. We all stopped at Paluma for a rest break.

Once we got to the turn-off and coming across a cow taking her calves on an excursion cross country, we all stopped to air tires down and lock in those part-time hubs for some.

The Journey to The Campsite

We then set off on the track to the hut and started the photography Olympics action on the way. One of our members, in particular, did a great job showing his athletic ability which was a lot more than most of us older attendees.

The track had not changed that much but most attendees were new to this place, they got to see some great scenery and views from the track. Storm took one of the scenic hill tracks to take some photos and seemed to enjoy his way back down the hill to meet up with the rest at the hill base.

After a few sections of stumpy lever action, a loose mudflap, a firewood collection point, and a catalog of photos, we all made it to the hut. After some brief whipper snipper action and the 10-point vehicle turn for some, we all established our individual sovereignty for the night.

Afternoon Down at The Brumby Waterhole

We all had lunch and assessed the surrounding conditions of the hut and then we headed off on the second adventure that afternoon at around 2 pm and traveled on the track out to the Brumby Waterhole.

Once we got to the waterhole, a few keen souls took the plunge for a swim in the cold water while the rest of us discussed plans to create a future camping spot at the place. Once the soprano singers got out of the water and explored the nearby rapids, we began our trip back to the hut.

Scenic Drive Back

Sunday morning was a relaxing morning with most people cooking up their breakfast of champions and assessing the water levels on the camping gear due to the drizzle.

We started back on the same track back to the homestead with a brief stop for some going up the scenic hill-climb for a photoshoot.

Overall everyone seemed to enjoy the trip and as the club had not been to this property in the past two years, many new members got to experience a great place for future trips and get a feel for what the Club has achieved over the years.

Trip Report by: Chris Morvell

Trip Gallery

Check out some of the amazing shots our photographers captured during this trip

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