02nd July 2022

All Terrain 4X4 Park

02-04 July 2022

Catching up at our meeting point at 8am, we went over the fuel stops and safety procedures for the 5 hour drive north to Mareeba in the Queensland Hinterlands.

Our trip was delayed due to an accident on the Bruce Highway and options were discussed about taking an alterante route which would add an additional 3 hours to the journey. The decision was made to hold out and thankfully the highway was opened after an hour.

After stopping for some to refuel in Ingham, we stopped at Henrietta Falls Camping grounds for a bite to eat, then a quick refeul in Mareeba before heading to the All Terrain 4×4 park.

We were met by our hosts Andy and Bluey with some members wanting to explore the tracks whislt others set up camp for the night.

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