28th January 2023

Murray Falls – Side Trip 2023

We met at the Yabulu Servo where the 4 vehicles then set off to meet those who had made the trip up there early.
On the road towards Murray falls, Micks eagle eyes found us some firewood. After giving us a great sound bite of his chainsaw over the radio, Chris found us some more wood for the pile and off we went.

The club members who made their way up the days before couldn’t have picked a better spot for us later
arrivals, on the left as you come in, plenty of room for the busses, vans and awnings.
After setting up the big awning and some clever water flow engineering the rain started up again and came down nice and heavy, confining us under the tent.

The time under the tent was not wasted as many of us took this time to socialise and catch up as many of us hadn’t caught up since the Christmas break.
Unfortunately due to the torrential rain the river wasn’t safe to swim in. However, the falls were howling with all that extra water and made for quite a sight.

Before we knew it, time for Wazza’s Australia Day trivia which tickled the brain a bit. As always it was
educational and inspired good humour amongst the trip participants.
After a damp night, morning broke.
Breakfast was happening in all shapes and sizes, coffee too. Many took the chance with little rain to start
packing up. Many helped each other out with rolling up awnings and folding up mats.

Thanks to those who have not only welcomed me into the club over the past 13 months but thanks to those who contributed to the trip..

Trip report: Mark

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